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fire prevention / community risk reduction

Seamlessly receive & process burn permit requests through a paperless workflow and a highly flexible interface.


Complete code enforcement in the field including emailing the inspection results. No additional data entry is required back at the office.

Pre-Fire data in your hands – when you most need to see the location of standpipes, floor plans, lockboxes, and many other key objects.

Consolidated views of property activities: each inspection, permit and run – permitting and inspections are fully integrated into this module.

Manage every aspect of alarm boxes: record type, number, make, circuit, activation date, battery replacement dates, key location, etc.

Hydrant Mapping

Using Google Maps, identify the locations of both serviceable and OOS hydrants, along with make, model, & other information.


NFIRS Reporting

NFIRS reporting simplified – save time with our easy-to-use forms, create & save templates, optimized for tablets & iPads.

Track and report on any type of department activity: meetings, house chores, radio checks, walk-ins, etc.

Notify staff via text or email with stationSMARTS’ broadcast feature, or push messages to the whiteboard.

StationSMARTS integrated with the dispatch CAD system issues run alerts with pre-fire plan data.

Share hydrants and pre-plans with mutual aid partners – hydrant GIS data is turned into an interactive Google map.

Data Dashboard

Turn data into analytics, analytics into insight and insight into better decisions by mapping all your data.

View active runs, scheduled training and inspections, messages, notices, apparatus OOS, daily roster, OOS box alarms, etc.

training and PERSONNEL

Training & Certifications

Easily track detailed training, driver licenses and credentials, all linked to OSHA, NFPA, and ISO compliance, and assess individual progress.


Track certifications, assigned gear, driver licenses, completed training and carcinogenic exposure.

Track time and attendance for on-duty staff, administration and details with one interface – categorize call backs, swaps, OT, training and more.

View active runs, scheduled training and inspections, messages, notices, apparatus OOS, daily roster, OOS box alarms, etc.

Apparatus & equipment maintenance

Apparatus Maintenance

Easily track apparatus specifications, inspections, parts inventory, and maintenance along with costs and suppliers.

Equipment Management

Track purchase and service dates, cost, part number, model, service companies, associated grants and planned replacement year.


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