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Records management workflow is unique to every fire department. That’s why it’s essential to use tools that are capable of supporting your way of working instead of struggling to do it the other way around.

stationSMARTS isn’t set-in-stone forcing you to adapt to it — it’s a flexible, customizable system. Mold it to your operation and needs with its many settings, ability to automate assignments and forms creation.

System settings enable you to structure stationSMARTS to match your department’s unique terms and work assignments. With custom workflows, from setting color alerts for equipment maintenance, assigning NFIRS approvals, setting who is authorized to record training to determining who receives what type of run alert and when.

With stationSMARTS workflows settings, customize and tweak processes from truck checks, to permits, inspection forms and log book entries.
Our customizable workflows reduce the number of steps to complete tasks when compared with standard out-of-the-box workflows.
Here’s some of the key advantages:

  • Streamline Notifying Staff of Training Sessions
  • Routing of Equipment Repair Work Orders
  • Create NFIRS Narrative Outlines for Each Run Code
  • Customize Truck Checks for Each Apparatus
  • Setup Permit Templates
  • Customize Inspection Forms
  • Adapt drop down lists and menu choices

If your operational processes change over time or need to be adapted it’s quick and easy to revise the workflows in stationSMARTS to match.

With stationSMARTS customizable workflow settings you have the flexibility to match the way your staff thinks and the way your operation needs to work.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee:

Within the first subscription year, if for any reason, you should decide our solution is not the best for your department we’ll refund your full cost. Make sure to ask this of our competition, none of them offer this!

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