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Apparatus Checklists

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Apparatus Checklists

Know your trucks and equipment are in optimal operating condition

From Aerials to Zodiac inspections – build your own custom iPad apparatus checklists. Easily conduct thorough and accurate inspections linked to repair work orders and maintenance records. Work smarter with a lot less errors with our streamlined and accountable work flow.

  • Built-in settings push repair notifications to command staff and specific mechanics ensuring corrective actions are taken and accounted for.
  • Checklists can be scheduled for each apparatus so crews only see what’s due when they log-in. Each apparatus is assigned its own customized day-specific checklist depending on what you determine needs checking on that particular day.
  • Optimized for iPads crew members can conveniently complete the assigned checklists, add notes and photos while still working in the bays.
  • Needed repairs can be addressed by generating work orders directly from failed checklist items. If a piece of equipment is malfunctioning or missing, crew members can post a work order that immediately notifies the designed command staff and individual mechanics assigned to maintain specific equipment.
  • A history of completed checklists are stored with each apparatus. Quickly view prior inspections in a few clicks – instead of combing through pages of paper logbooks. Search through your log in a few clicks: by apparatus, equipment, location, assignment and condition.

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