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stationSMARTS has begun development on its NERIS module, as part of the continuing cycle of upgrades and refinements to add to our platform of fire department management software. Currently, we are awaiting the final NERIS design specifications so we can develop, test and deploy our solution.

stationSMARTS new NERIS module will facilitate a better understanding of community risk profiles, enabling our member fire departments to tailor their prevention and education programs more effectively.

This proactive approach in managing community risks can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of fire incidents, leading to safer communities with more efficient allocation of personnel, apparatus, equipment and management resources‚Äč.

Additionally, stationSMARTS will play a crucial role in the training and adaptation phase, guiding our member departments through the transition from NFIRS to NERIS.

  1. We will work closely with Chiefs to ensure that their reporting personnel are proficient in utilizing this new system and that they understand the benefits and capabilities of NERIS.
  2. Newly developed stationSMARTS support materials, training videos and teaching guides will be generated to smooth the adoption of this new reporting platform.

stationSMARTS planned transition to NERIS provides our member fire departments with enhanced data tools for incident reporting and management, supporting more relevant data and informed decision-making.

If you are interested in more information about stationSMARTS and our plans for the NERIS Module, click here and complete the form.

The National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) is introducing new data reporting tools to replace the existing NFIRS system. This shift to NERIS aims to streamline data collection while improving the quality and utility of the data for fire departments and emergency services.

With the transition to NERIS, the role of fire chiefs will expand to include more comprehensive data oversight for enhanced strategic planning. Fire Chiefs will be expected to engage with the new system by ensuring that data input is timely and accurate. This responsibility means overseeing the integration of data sources, such as CAD and GIS, into NERIS and verifying that the information reflects real-time conditions and outcomes.

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