Our Story

StationSmarts started on the back of a napkin…

StationSmarts started on the back of a napkin between software industry veterans, Dave Rocco and Greg Pica back in 2012. Their conversation would result in the evolution of a one-of-a-kind records management system built specifically for fire departments.

At the time, Dave was working with a company that made station alert systems for fire departments. As he conducted research with fire chiefs across the country, Dave started to notice a common theme related to the inner workings of their stations. He realized what the fire chiefs really needed was a centralized records system to manage all the critical tasks of their departments. Not only that, but they required it to be mobile-friendly and easily accessible from any location.

Many stations had relied on a paper-based system to manage information—some with log books dating back 50 years. Those departments that had invested in records management systems often found that those platforms fell short because they were designed for a more general user base.

This discovery was the impetus for Greg and Dave’s initial conversation about creating a data management system exclusively for fire departments.

Today, they have not only delivered on their initial checklist of product features with StationSmarts, but they continue to lay the groundwork for new modules using direct input from fire chiefs. In the same spirit, they have recently welcomed former Easton fire captain Jeff Webster to the StationSmarts team, tapping into his extensive industry knowledge to enhance StationSmarts’ operations at every level.

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