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What Our Chiefs Think of StationSmarts

Chief Collina

Melrose Fire

“Bringing us into the 21st Century with their system. Thank you Heather and thanks to all involved in making it happen. I may have a question or two regarding the data but a preliminary review of it is awesome!!”

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Chief Nelson

Milford, MA Fire Dept.

Copy needed….

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Chief Judge

Concord Fire Department

“Thanks for the fast turnaround!!!”

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Chief Jackson

Quincy Fire

“I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work, I know a lot of your remedies for us haven’t been anticipated…”

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Chief Stowers

Maynard Fire

“I know a lot of your remedies for us haven’t been anticipated, issues have just unfolded over time and you’ve never put us off when they’ve come up, none of you have for that matter, want you to know it’s not lost on us.”

Chief Cashman

Scituate Fire

“Keep up the good work!”

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Chief DeLorie

Wellesley Fire

“It was important to me that our command staff accepts the system and thye did completely”

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Chief Rullo

Mashpee Fire

“They spent a lot of time to understand our needs and during the implementation phase were able to shape the product further…”

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Chief Partington

Narragansett Fire

“I am expecting StationSMARTS to play a big role helping us to gain accreditation by the Center for Public Safety.

Love it!  I know we have pushed for these updates.”

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Chief Larry Fisher

Merrimac Fire

“Thanks again for always being helpful”

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Chief Ryan Pease

Ludlow Fire

Copy needed…

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Chief Smith

Winchendon Fire

Copy needed…

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Pre-Fire Plan Data

Construction type, FDC, locations of standpipes, building entrances, interior stairwells, elevators, hazardous materials, annunciator panel, emergency contact information.

Hydrant / Water Sources

Google Map identifying locations of serviceable and OOS hydrants, along with make, model, connection type, water line size and flow rate.

Google Driving Directions and Street View

Links open Google Maps, with directions from stations, or your current location and street view.

Hydrant Mapping content needed…

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