We’ve dedicated ourselves to achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction.

How do we do this?

We listen to what our users are saying and take action to improve our platform based on their feedback.

Our support team takes ownership of user problems. Clarifying the needs of the users, troubleshoots collaboratively with the user to ensure we fully understand their problem. Our focus is to consistently meet, and wherever possible, exceed their expectations when correcting or solving a problem

Our support team strives to be responsive, dependable and consistently accountable for resolving users’ concerns. They will take the initiative to tap additional resources when needed. We want to ensure each and every department uses our platform successfully. And they define success not us.

Our goals:

  • Offer an incomparable level of service
  • Treat our users with utmost respect
  • Address roadblocks to optimizing the system
  • Solicit and track user feedback
  • Be accessible to engage users when needed

How do we define high quality user service?

1. Rapid Response Times
You work 7×24, we work 7×24.

2. User Feedback
We listen to what our users are saying. We respond to user feedback.  Rather than assuming we know what they want, we reach out to them routinely. We interview them to get their perspective on our platform. This approach helps us to uncover enhancements to improve the user experience.

3. User instruction videos
When our users want to find their own solutions to service problems, they can use our many self-service instructional videos. When it comes to communicating technical concepts or processes, videos are the best. We also build customized videos, designed specifically for a department. This visual approach to skills development easily shows the steps needed to get from point A to point B within the system.

4. Multi-Channel Support
We make it easy for you to contact your support team via the phone, email and live chat. We strive to make our support team readily accessible. You will always reach a live person, no need to work your way thru a complicated voice tree.

6. Creative Problem Solving
We are tenacious and determined to help our users achieve their goals. In some cases, this requires the support to be creative and come up with unique solutions for particular use cases.


The Bottom Line

We are committed to finding solutions even when they’re difficult. Some out-of-the-box thinking may be needed to implement a fix. When a clear solution isn’t available, our team goes above and beyond to create workarounds. Our focus is always to help users achieve their goals.