With our Activity Tracker your operation is more focused, more organized, and more productive.

Today’s departments need to be able to carry out key management functions digitally:  including communication, collaboration, scheduling and document management. Each of these functions, when performed optimally,  has a profound impact on productivity, effectiveness and accountability, no matter the size or nature of the department.

Designed as a unified data engine, the Activity Tracker, links across all levels of the organization, tracking each and every aspect  of the operation, from rosters, and inspections to hydrant mapping, pre-plans, site photos, training and injury records, along with the daily log.

Keeping your data within easy reach of staff helps you and your crew to keep current and make informed real time decisions.  It is designed as a single workspace for getting things done.

With user feedback we are constantly adding to and enhancing our suite of workhorse apps to solve everyday operational problems.  This well-thought-out, integrated system offers Chiefs a reliable and effective records management framework and new found confidence to manage their operation more effectively and with far more efficiency, never thought possible.