Today’s need for training records shows no sign of slowing, and that means there’s more reporting requirements than ever before. The problem is it can be far more difficult to find and effectively report on these records.  For most departments training records are often tracked in various excel spreadsheets or worse on paper. Reporting training and tracking credentials is key to ensure eligibility to be on a Task Force, a Tech Rescue Team, or re-certified as an EMT.

With StationSMARTS, completed training sessions are
recorded by command staff with just two clicks.

Authorized users can easily and quickly track attendance and post credentials to individual staff records. Training officers can generate pre-formatted reports matching the requirements of the ISO review process. With StationSMARTS, auditing your fire department’s training records is quick and easy.

Within StationSMARTS you will be able to:

  • Schedule and broadcast staff training
  • Search staff training history by staff member
  • Track credentialing due dates
  • Link Training to standards to validate compliance