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Features & Benefits of StationSmarts

  • Linked to dispatch for run alerts
  • Data synced across all devices and users
  • Quickly adapted to existing work flow
  • Intuitive, making it easy to use
  • One unified data hub for all your data
  • Critical information available from iPads and tables
  • Interactive Data Dashboards summarizing data
  • Cloud based, easy system administration
  • Data migration, we’ll import your legacy information
  • Easy-to-use video training library

There is not a one-answer-fits-all records system for all fire departments. Every department operates a little uniquely so the ability to tailor and fit the records managment system to match the operation is key.

Make everything about it feel consistent, predictable, coherent, and less demanding. In other words easy-to-use. Configure StationSMARTS using the department’s terms so the language is familiar to staff upon implementation. With customized drop-down menus using familiar terms, staff quickly realize accurate, timely and valuable information is readily accessible.

Additionally, logically managed workflow facilitates effective collaboration providing staff a daily activity status, who’s doing what, when it is scheduled, an awareness of when work and tasks are upcoming, completed or past due. We link modules eliminating the need for double data entry.

This optimized user experience helps increase productivity, reduce errors and improve reporting. Our platform makes your operational data easily available to staff who need it, wherever they are, from any device.