lookAHEAD Preplans

Fast, clear alerts with driving directions, pre-plan details, hydrant mapping, floor plans and site photos.

Module Features:

  • StationSMARTS integrates seamlessly with your dispatch system
  • Collect pre-plan data with easy to use forms designed for ipads and tablets 
  • Match run address from the CAD system with site pre-plan data
  • Flexible settings to alert personnel, for example notify all working staff, just member of command staff, etc
  • Quickly view pre-plan data within the text message, for example knox box, stand pipe and control panel locations, as well as construction type.
  • Hydrant Mapping link for viewing water sources in the area, both in service and OOS color coded along with hydrant specs
  •  Photos and documents. View inside and outside photos of the site. Floor plans when available can be viewed.
  • Text includes a link to google directions
  • Create one page lookAHEAD Preplans with a site photo and critical data