Platform Capabilities

One seamlessly integrated productivity suite

Activity Tracker

A log book on steroids

Track and report on any type of department activity by category and date.

  • Track meetings, house chores, radio checks, walk-ins, etc.
  • Drop down menus customized to match department commonly used terms
  • Report on any and all operational activities

Apparatus Maintenance

Track parts, labor, invoices and maintenance costs

Easily track apparatus specifications, inspections, parts inventory, maintenance conducted and scheduled preventative maintenance along with costs and suppliers.

  • All-in-one view of apparatus specifications
  • Easily manage the work flow process
  • Detailed reports on costs, work completed, parts used and OOS times

Box Alarms

Manage Every aspect of boxes

Record type, number, make, circuit, activation date, battery replacement dates, key location, etc.

  • View boxes on Google maps
  • Link the alarm company with contacts info
  • Easily view boxes in-and-out of service

Broadcast Notifications

Staff broadcast messaging with email and texts

Notify staff via text or email with stationSMARTS’ broadcast feature. Within the same broadcast interface you can push a message to the whiteboard.

  • Fill Details or OT
  • Create templates for frequently used broadcasts
  • Post messages to the white board for ongoing visibility

Carcinogenic Exposure

Track hazardous exposures – automatically

Firefighters struggle to gather proof that on-the-job toxic exposures are linked to their cancer. Our platform automatically marks hazardous runs based on dispatch codes. These runs are posted to the personnel record.

  • Special studies track any type of staff exposure
  • In addition to carcinogens, track trauma and excessive noise exposure
  • Link specific incidents, apparatus and staff to high risk exposure runs

Data Dashboard

Less Speculation. More Information.

Turn data into analytics, analytics into insight and insight into a better decisions. Annually, we analyze your operation and build a web site charting and mapping all your data.

  • 65 customized charts and graphs
  • Interactive and detailed heat maps of runs
  • Customized analytics web site built and maintained for your operation

Dispatch Run Alerts

Real time run alerts include pre-fire plan data

stationSMARTS integrated with the dispatch CAD system issues run alerts with dispatcher comments, pre-fire plan summary, links for driving directions, hydrant maps, along with any photos or site plans.
  • Designate to whom and when run alerts are issued
  • Pre-plans delivered to mobile devices such as tablets, phones and iPads
  • Map additional assets – such as helicopter landing sites

Equipment Management

Paperless repair work flow – using QR labels

Track purchase and service dates, cost, part number, model, service companies, associated grants and planned replacement year. Link to manuals and training videos.

  • Scan QR Codes to create work orders
  • Mechanics notified, in real time, when repairs are requested
  • Report equipment end-of-life to budget replacements

Hydrant Mapping

Service History and Specifications

Using Google Maps, identify the locations of both serviceable and OOS hydrants, along with make, model, connection type, water line size, as well as flow rate.

  • Built-in request for service
  • Manage repairs, replacement and routine maintenance
  • Locate and view hydrant photos using Google Maps street view

Information Consoles

Keeping Staff Informed

View active runs, scheduled training and inspections, messages, notices, apparatus OOS, daily roster, OOS box alarms, etc.

  • Wall mounted displays
  • Message white board built within the system home screen
  • Information consoles with automated filtering


iPad enabled inspection check lists

Complete code enforcement in the field including emailing the inspection results. No additional data entry is required back at the office. Schedule and assign inspections to a group, individual or a station.

  • Checklists ensure consistency
  • Photograph violations
  • Inspections linked to the property address

Mutual Aid

Share hydrants and pre-plans with mutual aid partners

Hydrant GIS data is turned into an interactive Google map. This live Google map view can be shared with other departments showing both in-and-out-of-service hydrants.

  • Share pre-fire plans and Google hydrant maps
  • Track and report on mutual aid details
  • Also, hydrant maps can be created for surrounding mutual aid communities

NFIRS Reporting

We re-thought NFIRS Reporting – and simplified it.

Feedback from our users tell us our NFIRS forms are easy to use.

  • Build and track mandatory special studies
  • Using built-in templates ensures complete and detailed run narratives
  • Optimized for mobility, for use on iPads and tablets

Payroll Reporting

Take the complexity out of managing your payroll.

Manage your time and attendance easily with a single roster dashboard which drives payroll reporting. Entering data into the daily staff roster once, links to payroll forms for an integrated and seamless workflow.

  • Generate payroll for OT, holiday pay, call backs, scheduled, etc.
  • Integrate to your existing finance system such as Munis
  • Track points and payroll for combination and volunteer departments


Paperless permitting, just imagine it

Highly flexible interface to create any type of permit form.

  • Quickly send text or email messages to one or all permit holders
  • Record fees for accurate revenue reporting
  • Easily revoke burn permits


Every aspect of staff data organized in a centralized hub

Track certifications, assigned gear, driver licenses, completed training and carcinogenic exposure.

  • Staff have a view into their own training history
  • Historical view of hazardous exposure runs
  • Injury reports and history

Pre-Fire Plans

Pre-Fire data in your hands – when you most need it

With stationSMARTS linked to dispatch, run alerts are pushed to mobile devices including a pre-plan summary. Data shown are the location of standpipes, floor plans, lockboxes, enunciator panels and sprinklers along with building construction and hazardous materials.

  • Add unlimited attachments and photos to the site file
  • iPad enabled for ease of data collection in the field
  • Emergency contact information cross linked to inspection and NFIRS forms for accuracy

Site Management

Consolidated views of property activities: each inspection, permit and run

Permitting and inspections are fully integrated into this module, along with identifying the common name, property type, assigned risk level, existence of solar panels, box locations, and heating fuel.

  • Track specifics for linked addresses such as strip malls, office buildings and campus environments
  • Related activities are consolidated into one view: runs, hydrants, inspections and permits – including burn permits
  • Property contacts data is linked across all modules – updates in any one module are reflected in all modules

Staff Roster

Managing Staff Time and Attendance couldn’t be easier

Track time and attendance for on-duty staff, administration and details with one interface. Categorize call backs, swaps, OT and training along with vacation, personal time and indicate officer-in-charge. Print, email or text the roster for distribution.

  • View rosters on tablets, iPads and iPhones
  • Specify minimum payroll hours for call back staff
  • Include notes, including shift assignments and instructions

Training and Certifications

Training: Not Recorded, didn’t happen

Easily track detailed training, driver licenses and credentials, all linked to OSHA, NFPA, and ISO compliance. Assess individual progress towards training goals and certifications, including expiration dates.

  • With 2 clicks, record in-service training
  • Automatic command staff notifications when training sessions are completed
  • Schedule and email staff of training sessions – all in one layout