One of the many benefits of StationSmarts’ ongoing engagement with more fire departments, is the chance to meet the department chiefs. The chiefs hold the primary responsibility around departmental information processing and they are the often the initial points of contact when StationSmarts arrives on the scene. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know these dedicated and highly skilled public servants. Each one shares a commitment to protecting the health and welfare of their surrounding communities as well as being incredibly hardworking and extremely genuine people.

Narragansett Fire Chief Scott Partington

Recently, we had the good fortune to speak with Chief Scott Partington of the Narragansett Fire Department in Rhode Island. Chief Partington has been at the department for 25 years, rising up through the ranks and serving in almost every capacity over his tenure. He’s been chief for the past 2 ½ years, the first Narragansett chief to be appointed from inside.

When he took the lead, Chief Partington sought to make improvements to the department’s information platform. He had previously served as EMS coordinator and was aware of the benefits of using the right data tracking/records management software. He knew that one of his first initiatives would be to bring in more technology in the form of a centralized repository of information allowing he and his staff to manage, analyze and use the information to make smart decisions while planning for the department’s future.

Narragansett Fire Department has 3 stations staffed by 35 members. Located in a 38-square mile seaside town, the winter population of 16,000 swells to almost 3 times that number during summer months. The fire department owns 3 rescues, 4 pumpers, and an assortment of other utility vehicles, answering 3,000 calls per year. Local risks include a large and very busy ferry service back and forth from Block Island, a large university population from URI – Bay Campus, EPA and NOAH labs, a small nuclear reactor used for research purposes and with a big commercial fishing port.

Here’s a brief excerpt of our interview with Chief Partington:

Q: How did you initially learn about StationSmarts?

A: I’d been doing some research and speaking with other chiefs when I ran into Dave and Greg at an Association of Fire Chiefs meeting. I liked how the first question Dave asked me was, “What do YOU need?” I feel confident that if I ask him to add a new component to his system, he will build it.

Q: What led you to purchase StationSmarts for your department?

A: I realized early on that improving data management would help the department gain efficiencies, and operate more effectively and consistently day to day.  I’m looking forward to having StationSmarts achieve our primary goal: to create a centralized repository of all the department’s key data so that it can be managed, analyzed and shared both internally and externally.  I’m also expecting StationSmarts to play a big role with helping us gain accreditation by the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Q: How do you anticipate using StationSmarts on a daily basis?

A: StationSmarts should fill the need for immediate accurate reporting on site, allowing my department staff to conduct pre-planning visits, track daily calls, record turnout and arrival times, and complete ongoing inspections with ease. It will also simplify our departmental auditing process, letting us gather daily data on training, personnel and equipment use.

Q: If you had one leave-behind to share with other chiefs, what would it be?

A: It’s pretty simple. I told Dave that I was looking for a dashboard that allows me to filter out and download the pieces of information I need to know, and he gave me that. As we begin to use the system, I’m excited to see the improvements that StationSmarts will bring to our department.
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