Our team’s goal is to enable your prevention staff to be more focused, more organized and more productive by using well designed inspection checklists. Fire codes have been translated and arranged into a simple, practical format for iPads & tablets. Checklists, such as ours, are precise to be efficient, to the point and easy to use for inspectors.

We are of the belief that our SMARTList method helps your department to achieve an overall higher standard of performance: routine feedback from our active user community tell us inspections are more thoroughly, consistently and accurately conducted with our SMARTList.

SMARTList  Features:

  • Embedded accurate and complete fire codes
  • Checklists optimized for the iPad & tablets
  • Checklists work right out of the box. No need to fiddle with templates.
  • Email inspection results to the property owner or real estate agent
  • Inspections are automatically linked to the site address for future reference
  • Built-in audit trail to view prior results of failed inspections
  • Attach photos of violations
  • Run detailed reports for revenue submission
  • No synchronization or follow-up data entry required
  • Track the number of inspections, as well as re-inspections conducted  for any period of time
  • Book inspections and view the schedule from the iPad
  • Assess and collect key pre-plan data such as oxygen on site, hydrant location, dogs or any onsite factor that could impact a future response