Many Chiefs are so consumed with the demands of the daily operation that they have little time to step back and rethink their records management. Yet, they know what works and doesn’t work for an operation such theirs.

We’ve  thought  through the most persistent and difficult data management questions nagging Chiefs. We can help identify the roadblocks in workflow and suggest ways to implement digital, paperless systems to improve your department’s overall efficiency.

Why reinvent the wheel?  We can advise you on implementing a records management system designed to meet the specific needs of your operation, designed not only with today’s best practices in mind, but also looking to the future with emerging best practices.

A common theme we hear from command staff is the need for a single, easy-to-use place for all data:

  • managing the roster for time and attendance
  • collecting pre-plan site data
  • tracking apparatus maintenance
  • logging training for a future ISO review
  • locating  working hydrants near a fire scene
  • effectively communicating and logging daily commands to staff

We listen very closely to user feedback. What we heard was the need for:  

  1. One easy-to-use data hub with real-time collaboration for the whole team connecting all department-wide communications and knowledge: the roster, inspections, staff communications, apparatus maintenance, scanned documents, photos, training & credentialing records along with hydrant mapping.
  2. Equally important: a highly customized look and feel to meet your department’s unique operational needs.
  3. To import legacy data incorporating it into the new information hub

With StationSMARTS you are able to work wherever you are, with staff anywhere, on any screen, at any time.