Fire Departments, municipalities, and repair crews use our fire hydrant app to keep track of fire hydrant locations and perform inspections enabling users to capture hydrant data such as photos, year, make, model, valve sizes, etc.

  • The iPad inspection enables staff to see common deficiencies, identify those which need to be replaced or upgraded, and if a location needs additional hydrants.
  • The hydrant inspection interface tracks locations, inspection results, make and models and the need for DPW service. Generate work orders for DPW regarding when vegetation needs trimming, caps greased or valves exercised?
  • Latitude/longitude coordinates for each hydrant can be captured with a Google Maps interface, allowing for screen zooming along with street view photography.
  • From MDTs and iPads staff can check, in real time, a hydrant’s condition, and view in-depth information, such as:
    • Is the hydrant in-service or out-of-service? 
    • When was the hydrant last inspected and serviced?

With this application you can update your property site data with the capability to import your historical and current GIS records into StationSMARTS.

A properly managed hydrant inspection program, with the use of StationSMARTS helps to manage schedules for repair and replacement through regular hydrant maintenance, detailing the static and residual test pressures to determine fire-flow capacities.

Comprehensive and current inspection and maintenance reports for each hydrant is key to obtain ISO credit and the resulting insurance benefits.