Fire Department records management system, StationSmarts, is committed to constantly refreshing its software platform to address technology improvements and respond to customer needs. Since recently earning our NFIRS certification, our development team has turned its focus to updating various components of the system. Our most recent software updates appear within the Duty Roster module. 

duty roster screen shot-1The Duty Roster is the module enabling fire chiefs to keep track of data related to personnel assignments, time on-duty, vacations, personal time, sick time, and payroll.

New Duty Roster features allow users to:

  • Create rosters in advance of the actual shift start time. (Prior versions only allowed  the roster to be created once the shift had started.)
  • Create multiple shift rosters for any given day, for example, create a day shift and a night shift.
  • Assign staff to an apparatus seat position and generate a hard copy “ride sheet.”
  • Indicate staff certifications on the active roster (showing specific expertise available on the shift.)

duty-roster-screen-shot -certifications

These Duty Roster module updates assist fire administrators as they work through the daily demands of staffing and scheduling, tracking staff on-duty, recording their team’s apparatus seat position, as well keeping track of individual firefighter certifications.

Currently, StationSmarts offers eight modules: NFIRS, Property Management, Pre-Fire Planning, Inspections & Permitting, Activity Tracker, Duty Roster, Training & Credentialing, and Apparatus Maintenance. We will continue to implement technology and performance improvements within all of our modules in the months to come.