Departments making informed decisions in real time, with real data.

The apparatus maintenance module can be automated to provide shift commanders with a quick way to request repairs, and allows the mechanic to keep staff abreast of repairs, while tracking warranty, labor, and material cost. Additionally, the apparatus module enables command staff to be automatically notified of repair requests, and it allows them to approve and assign repairs as needed.

The command staff can easily track OOS timeframes and costs for each apparatus, enabling them to readily apply for grant funding to replace apparatus, with accurate, up-to-date reporting.

Our apparatus maintenance design creates a smooth workflow, enabling the command staff to report on repair activities. This allows the Chief to track incoming requests, current processes, as well as run reports of data.

With the apparatus module, command staff can:

  1. Run real time and detailed reports
  2. Summarize apparatus out-of-service times
  3. Report labor and parts costs
  4. Manage parts inventory
  5. Easily generate repair requests
  6. Track work order management

Click here to view and download a PDF of real Activity Report to see for yourself.

Overview of the Apparatus Module:

Apparatus Maintenance – Creating a repair request: